New error calibrating X axis

Thanks to Whitecaps, I have resolved my initial issue calibrating the X axis. I needed to increase the movement timeout value for X. Sadly this has introduced a new problem with the same initial calibration of X.
The error is now “Error writing firmware parameter: movement_axis_nr_steps_x: :configuration”
I am guessing this means that there is some problem writing the number of steps taken to determine the length of the X axis to the configuration file?
The Farmbot is communicating with the server, and is using the latest farmware (V8.0)
I’m not sure what this error means.

Looks like this issue also comes up at my device, but only when calibrating the X-Axis. I’m also on v8.0.1, but not sure if that was already at v7. Calibration value is correctly set in the input field for me, but the error still comes up.
@connor Are we supposed to open a Github issue?

Oh well. at least it’s not my fault this time. I will set the axis length manually and move on with my build. Thanks.