New error, FB off line

FB intermittently connects to Wi-Fi ( FB has been working fine in the exact same location with the same Wi-Fi for 3 years) and generates the following error:

Caught unexpected error marking data as dirty
table: “farmware_envs”
id: <<103, 228, 153, 33, 109, 73, 66, 140, 169, 95, 78, 224, 1, 18, 83, 45>>
error type: :error
reason: %Ecto.InvalidChangesetError{action: :insert, changeset: #Ecto.Changeset<action: :insert, changes: %{monitor: true, status: “dirty”, table: “farmware_envs”, asset_local_id: <<103, 228, 153, 33, 109, 73, 66, 140, 169, 95, 78, 224, 1, 18, 83, 45>>}, errors: [table: {“has already been taken”, [constraint: :unique, constraint_name: “local_metas_table_asset_local_id_index”]}], data: #FarmbotOS.Asset.Private.LocalMeta<>, valid?: false>}

Not sure what to do to resolve. First time I have ever had this issue. Could it be related to an update?


Are you just running the standard up to date version of the software with no other special conditions?

I am not certain how you received this error because we retired Farmware a few years ago. This error may be an artifact of the farmware_envs

We would suggest that you re-format and then re-flash your SD card.

You will need to load the software again onto the original SD card.

Hand removing/installing micro SD card from SD adapter

STEP 1: Format the SD card

Can you fully format the SD card prior to flashing the card. Can you plug in the SD card into your laptop or other PC computer. The SD card should show up as one of the drives. Then right click and select “Format…”

Make sure to uncheck the “Quick Format” Box. It may take about 7 to 10 minutes or less to fully format the card.

Then re-flash your SD card using a PC (Windows 10) computer and set-up your FarmBot again.

Then follow this procedure and re-flash the SD card.

@jimcowan @Marc I believe the “farmware_envs” table is alive and well and needed in the current FBOS version. It contains parameters for Camera Calibration, Weed Detction, etc., etc.
One key-value pair which is updated regularly in that table is LAST_CLIENT_CONNECTED

@RickCarlino submitted a GitHub Issue about this table which is now closed.

How frequently does this Ecto.InvalidChangesetError occur ?

This failure probably should be fully diagnosed and fixed, but meantime I agree with @Marc . . start with a new, good quality SDHC card.

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