New Fambot Express XL not moving properly

I have a newly installed express xl, I have not adjusted any of the default settings and I am trying to calibrate it to 0,0,0 however I have run into a few problems. It seems to stall in a ll directions of movement if I turn on stall detection so I cannot auto find home with stal detection on. Without stall detection if I try to move it on the x axis it has short jerk movements, the y axis stops in the middle, and the z axis won’t give me the option of raising it any higher than it currently is despite being almost at ground level.

@Jay Motor calibration support is available via, Assuming you purchased your kit from FarmBot, Inc. Please have your order number ready to verify your purchase. Marc will be happy to help you get your motors running. Please avoid changing motor setting values in the mean time.

I resolved the issue. Didn’t mess with motor settings. It was more a matter of turning it off completely and physically rolling it to the 0,0,0 position and then setting that position as 0,0,0. After that it has been moving well and everything looks to be working. Just getting some compost together and I will be planting on Saturday.


Great to hear @Jay. Best of luck on setting up your new garden!