New Farmbot For Sale - Seattle, WA Area

We just started building our FarmBot (built a garden bed, got the rails aligned and got the wheels sliding well), then put an offer on a new house and were surprisingly accepted! The new house doesn’t have anywhere to put the FarmBot without some extensive remodeling, so we’re looking to get rid of it. No electronics or anything past the metal of the gantry ever assembled!

Would happily let it go for 2500$. Pickup preferred (and we’ve a bit of work for you!), though we could take it all back apart and package if for shipping as well if desired.

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Didn’t realize the new kits are only selling for 2600$. Will let this go for 2000$.

Let’s try 1500$.

I have one still in the box and willing to take 1,200 and am located in Arizona. Email me at

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Any still for sale ?

What currency is this?

I am looking for a FarmBot under $1,000 NZD (Probably not possible)