New FarmBot Wiki!

Hi all,

Over the last few months we’ve seen a lot of great ideas, links, and knowledge/wisdom thrown around here on the forum. It would be great to start documenting this stuff more “permanently” on the FarmBot wiki so that it is easier to find down the line and so we can better share our collective wisdom with each other and future FarmBot folks.

Some of you probably already checked out the FarmBot wiki in the past. Unfortunately it was somewhat of a disaster because the MediaWiki software we were using is hard to use, ugly, and susceptible to spam.

However, as of last night, we finished our migration from MediaWiki to DokuWiki, which is a much more simple and easy to use (and still open-source) wiki platform. The official announcement goes out next week, but I figured I would let you all know sooner :wink:

Check it out here:

Some things that could be added to the wiki that I’ve seen mentioned here in the forum:

  • Local resources pages (ex: FarmBot folks in Belgium)
  • Lists of part vendors (where to buy M5 x 10mm screws for example)
  • Documenting the various alternative FarmBot designs that have been discussed
  • Farming tips and tricks (pest management, etc)
  • Tool designs and ideas
  • Manufacturing tips and tricks (what type of 3D printing filament to use)

The wiki belongs to everyone, so feel free to take the reigns and shape it into what you want to see created!

Note: You may come across pages that badly need reformatting. Please help out! You’ll also come across a lot of dead ends, but this is how all wikis start out, so please contribute where you can :slight_smile:


Thank you!
I was going to start by creating local resource pages for each of the United States, but I have utterly struck out in trying to learn how to create pages. :confused:

Here’s a little help:

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All states and US Territories–including ones I had never heard of–now have a functional local resource page.

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Awesome, thanks! I’m excited to see some of them get filled up with local goodies :slight_smile:

Hi, your Farmbot wiki helped me to answer some questions I had. I will keep reading to figure out a general idea of where the community is at and what I can do to help.

Thank you very much.

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