New Genesis Rotary Tool

I see your new Genesis Rotary Tool is available to purchase separately (Very exciting!). Will this work with my Genesis V.5 as is? Or will I need to upgrade anything on my board and/or firmware?

@socalrob great question! While you could wire up Periph 4 or Periph 5 to power the Rotary Tool through the UTM cable, our v1.6 Farmduino has a new forward/reverse motor driver with load detection specifically for powering the Rotary Tool, and this new motor driver is pre-jumped to the correct UTM pins. In addition, the new v1.6 UTM cable, v1.6 Farmduino, and v1.6 Power Supply/Cable feature improved grounding/shielding to help reduce interference that can be caused by DC motors and affect WiFi performance.

So, while it is more expensive, the recommended upgrade path to v1.6 hardware is to upgrade all of these components, as well as the vacuum pump which now features an EMI filter and its cable which is now shielded as well. We’ve put together an upgrade kit on our website here: Genesis v1.6 Upgrade Kit — FarmBot. All of these parts are also available separately on the online shop.

If you want to go the inexpensive/DIY route, you could just get the Rotary Tool, though mileage may vary!

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Thanks Rory!
That’s great that you are offering an upgrade kit. Looks very straightforward.
No doubt I will be buying this upgrade!

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Of course I bought all of the components separately before you had this kit. Anyone want to buy a v1.5 board?? :rofl:

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