New guy from Oz

Hi guys I see you have it for 2500 for the 1.3. can I get it cheaper if I buy some stuff here in Australia. Is a 1.3 on all your videos if not what’s new with the 1.3

The videos are about the Genesis pre-order kit, v1.2. There are a couple of substantial changes planned for v1.3. Read more about it here:

We don’t currently sell partial kits, so you either need to buy a complete kit or build/source everything yourself. We do anticipate opening up a full store of individual parts and motor-only and plate-only kits in August. So depending on how much you want to buy local in Australia, you might want to wait for that.

I’m just west of Sydney if you want to come and see mine. I can give you plenty of advice/opinion :wink:

I in Brisbane. Can you send me a video of your. To my email or something. Or some pic

Here’s a link to a picture or two:

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Do you get any brids on it like Crows.

I’ve planted a greenhouse around it now, primarily because I don’t consider the farmbot parts to be weatherproof (especially in the drizzle and mist we get here), but a side effect of that is that yes I’ll be able to keep the birds and possums off it. The neighbours grow lots of vegetables, but they don’t grow lettuce/broccoli/cauliflower etc. because they get eaten. An alternative of course (which I did consider) is to just erect some poles and cover with netting, which would have been much cheaper!

Can I come and have a look at some stage ?


Can you give me an estimate on how long your build took?
how difficult it was to setup the software and how long did that take?

My initial build probably took two weekends, just the farmbot. But if you read my posts you’ll see that I’ve made some changes to try and address what I perceive to be some deficiencies, and that all took plenty more weekends. Setting it up takes time, but enjoyable time, it’s a hobby :wink:

I’ve also abandoned their software too, it’s much easier for me (as an electronics/software engineer) to modify/maintain my own much simpler software to do just what I need. I’m happy to share details, but it’s not really of much use to anyone without a similar skillset to do likewise.

Currently it’s more like a jungle, plant selection is important to avoid the foliage fouling the side tracks and the gantry! That’s all part of the learning curve. Having it in a greenhouse is great, but if I were doing it again I’d be mounting the tracks on the greenhouse walls to keep them out of the way of the plants.


I’m from Melbourne
I have the machine mostly built and operational, I am currently getting the bed ready.
I have an old 1.2 kit

Hi Chris,

I am from Brisbane, just seeing if you have an update on this.


Hi, I live in Sydney and would love to come and see your setup.Is that still an option?

Im keen on buying v1.4, and would be a lot more comfortable in doing that if I’ve seen the real thing in action first. Hope you can help. thanks

I’m out Dubbo way! Not too far from Sydney

Hi Mjahaha,

Do you still have your farmbot out there in Dubbo? I might be nearby in the next week or so, can I come and have a look at your setup? Cheers

Hey blazerboy,

I’ve got mine set up in Hurstville. Welcome to come and have a look.


Thanks Mark.

I’m in Lilyfield; Hurstville is a lot easier to get to than Dubbo!

When is a good time to come have a look? My email address is Its probably be better if we work this out via email…


Hey Matt,

Sent you an email. We’ll find a time in the next few weeks for sure.