New How-to Guides

Hey John, I just finished up the first in a series of new how-to guides. I’d love your feedback on it to make sure I’m on the right track here. My goal for these guides will be less about how specific features of the app work and more about guiding users to achieve specific goals, such as planting seeds, watering, and weeding, using best practices and the full capabilities of the software.

Other guides I’m hoping to finish this week include:

  • Water the entire garden
  • Scan and remove weeds

I will take a look at it.

One lesson I already learned for the next layout is: If you want to plant in rows, plant the rows in the Y axis direction. Watering sequences work much smoother when the head only has to traverse in the Y Direction.

I think I might have a few plants too close to the edge. Time will tell me that.

I am having a friend 3D print some blank bottom plates for the Watering Tool so I can experiment with some irrigation misters and other stuff to try to have a “delicate spray” for seedlings. It turns out that water flow under gravity is pretty complex as far as managing droplet size and divergence/convergence and directionality goes.

Keep up the great work. Your team has been great in helping me to respond to some of my start up issues with getting my bot going. I can’t tell you the geeky pride I felt when the radishes and beets started to emerge from the dirt.

I have put a few FarmBot posts on LinkedIn and I am getting positive feedback. My post from yesterday has over 700 views as of this morning. I also post on instagram as @myshedisblue .

I really wanted to do something with robotics. So many robots for hobbyists don’t do any practical function. FarmBot is very different. What I do with FarmBot matters. It makes food.