New in Paris + a dream


I am new here, in Paris. Anyone to guide me ? :

  • I started creating of gardener bot with arduinos, that I called “spiderbot” as it hangs on cables in the air (so slightly different, but much in common with the farmbot) and then discovered the existence of . I’d like to exchange with someone in Paris ideally to help get on board
  • Here is a high vision/dream:
    • a worldwide company that exploits gardens and fields (50/50 revenue sharing, for example) with an AI-based chemistry-free polyculture for a healthy soil (syntropy), employing primarily people who were out of job / reinsertion, teaching them to teach others for this to grow, automatically selling ketotarian menus (healthy) on online food delivery services (as they were largely developped during the pandemic).
    • This company would gradually automatize more basic aspects of life, and extractions from the soil, towards a life that is minimally dependent on mandatory work. The company can perfectly be farmbot or another existing company, or a new company, it needs a large community to be at ease with it and to support it.

I do think the ingredients exist today to make this a new human era, provided this mindset is deeply anchored in a community. It seems to me that the community here is close to that dream.
At the beginning, it clearly needs to be provide enough cash flows to its employees, so it is not possibly to employ people massively, but after a few years as more and more things of life are automated (home, energy, transportation etc) the needs for financial payment reduce and it progressively moves towards this era.

This forum is only in English – I think that it should have sections for each country region that use local languages, and those who want use English for cross-country synchronisations

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