New NEMA 17 Stepper Motor

I found a new NEMA 17 Stepper Motor for sale on

I’m excited because this means I won’t have to wait longer to order from a Chinese manufacturer.

The specs on this new motor look like they’ll work for Farmbot Genesis 1.1 - right? Could anybody more knowledgeable help weigh in? This is the last piece I need for our build at the YMCA!


Are you planning to run it without any encoders?
Otherwise I think you’ll need a dualshafted steppermotor :slight_smile:

Thanks Flink,

I purchased the rotary encoders from US Digital: Encoder Part Number: E4T-200-197-D-H-M-B

Is that what you are referring to? Will these encoders work with that motor?

I’m not very knowledgeable with robotics - and these motors have been very difficult to source. They’re the last piece of the puzzle. Everything else is ordered for our YMCA farmbot.

I can’t really see on the website if it’s a doubleshafted - So I guess not.

In the documentation right here, it’s pointed out that you’ll need both a primary and a secondary shaft (for the hollow encoder).

I have found these at a danish website since I’m from Denmark, but it might be easier for you to order it somewhere else.

Good luck with your FarmBot :slight_smile:

I found these on Ebay. Does anybody know if they are good for Farmbot? Thanks!

All my stepper motor from