New Seeder Design

Hey Guys…still enjoying my Farmbot Genesis V 1.5.
I’ve seen a couple posts about issues with using the seeder. I’ve had similar issues. The needle will only hold one seed. Usually I want it to plant several seeds at once. The other issue is that the needle cannot hold the seed when it hits the dirt for placement beneath the surface. I end up pushing the seed down myself. Here is an idea for a seeder design that would solve both these issues.
Let me know what you think.

We always love seeing third party hardware designs @socalrob and this is great! I have shared your work with the rest of the team.

Have you built a prototype for the design yet? Is dirt clogging an issue?

We’re working on some designs internally (scheduled to ship with FB 1.6) that will fix the soil issues. Stay tuned for an official announcement.

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Hi Rick. No I have not built a prototype. I don’t have a 3d printer. Thanks for your feedback. Yes, dirt clogging could very well be a problem… probably would have to include an easy way to remove the cylinder for cleaning. You might also need an additional internal filter to prevent any soil particles from entering the vacuum pump. Just throwing it out there for ideas!
I look forward to your next release FB 1.6! Sounds like your team already has a solution!!

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