New tool available for purchase?

Will your new Rotary Tool be available to purchase by existing Genesis owners?

@socalrob It’s not available yet, but we do plan on selling the part separately. I will defer to @roryaronson on this matter since he has been handling sourcing of components.

Yes, the Rotary Tool will be available for purchase separately. Optimally, one will power this tool with our new v1.6 Farmduino boards that feature a dedicated DC motor driver connected to the UTM. However, if you aren’t looking to do an extensive electronics upgrade, this tool can also be powered from one of the spare 24V peripheral outputs jumped to the UTM cable.

The tool will work best with 24V electronics setups (Genesis v1.4+). I would not recommend it for 12V systems (Genesis v1.2 and v1.3).

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