New Watering Nozzle


We customized Watering Nozzle.


That looks great!! Cannot wait to test it myself.

Do you have any 3D data avail? How did you design it?



@FabLabSetouchi any data that you could share such that I can rebuild it?


Thank you for your comment.
We purchase a commercial sprinkling nozzle .

And we made a part which connect this to UTM.
This part was designed with fusion360 and output with 3D printer.
The point lacking in explanation, please ask me a question.


Hey @yossy: Tried to find the same thing on ali or amazon germany but did not succeed. Could you point to some other shops or links? My japan <-> english translator wasn´t very successfull either :wink:


Have you seen this

English term for this Faucet Nozzle :), good luck.



Thanks skuter! Yes indeed I did quite some intensive research but did not find something like the Japanese colleagues :frowning: all the ones that I found look like they are to narrow… I wasn’t so keen on buying many of them and finding out that they’re all useless… :confused: