Newbie Q&A for us muggles

How much 2 buy a bot?
How many bots needed for about an acre?

This thing really isn’t meant for that size area, though we could work through the math for fun.
The standard farmbot kit is good for, I think 4.5 square meters (1.5mx3m) at an estimated cost of around $3000, but they can be lengthened and widened significantly for a bit more money. It depends on what size you are using to do your calculations of course, but for this example, let’s say you doubled the width and made it 5x as long (45 sq meters). At a guess, let’s say that costs $4000.
An acre is ~ 4047 square meters. To cover an acre would then require around 90 farmbots of that size, which would come to a cost of $360K.

I hope this is useful.

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I appreciate the help
So a farmbot would make about a weeks worth of food every two months or so???

I can’t help with that part. Sorry. It seems to me like 2 months is a very short time for a crop to grow to maturity, but conditions and the particular crop would feed into that, wouldn’t they?