No calibration for camera?

There doesn’t seem to be any calibration for the camera? It seems that it would be critical to know the rotation/orientation of the camera for the weed detection and other things to work properly.

Here’s how I’d suggest this be done. Run the camera to where it is above the tool tray. Then example the tray’s orientation in the image to determine the rotation/orientation of the camera.

Without this, we can’t ‘stitch together’ images very easily. With the images being stitched, then when the weed detector runs, it won’t be able to tell if foliage at the edges of an image are weeds or plants that are planted somewhere else but have ‘grown into’ the view.

There is a calibration process for the camera in the works. It will be released with the weed detection feature.

Once calibrated, will the images be rotated, scaled and cropped or will they be stored in their raw format?