No delivery after one year of waiting

I’ve been waiting for my delivery for over a year and the only thing I’ve been told is that it will arrive soon. So now I would like to get a refund on my order.

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Your order will be shipping out from our warehouse shortly.

I kindly ask that you maintain your order for a few more days. You will be receiving a FedEx tracking ID with your order shortly.

Apologies for this delay.

Hi Molloch, I purchased my Farmbot Genesis v1.5 back in July 2019. I too had to wait a crazy long time for delivery…I didn’t received my order until the next year in 2020. I understand your frustration. When I purchased mine, there was no Covid, no supply chain issues. I almost cancelled my order as well. However frustrated I was, I still ended up waiting. I will tell you now as a current Farmbot user, it is WELL WORTH THE WAIT. I am now on my 5th harvest and I absolutely LOVE this product. This is in my backyard in Southern California. I am a huge gadget guy and this has been so much fun to use. I’m also eating way more home grown vegetables then ever before. I am still learning how to use all of the features this system has (I’m no where near as technical as so many of the other Farmbot users on this forum!!). I LOVE that they keep improving it. With all the software updates, it is even better now than it was two years ago. The product is extremely well built. The support from Farmbot staff (Including Marc) is first class. Whenever I’ve had an issue or something I couldn’t figure out, Marc and his team has been very responsive and helpful. I’ve also had the benefit of help from so many talented users on this forum. You will have access to lots of support once you get your delivery. You are welcome to ask me any questions (Reminder, I’m not nearly as technical as most of the other users on this forum). I have no connection to this company…I’m just a very happy customer. Hang in there…frustrating as waiting can be, you won’t regret it. Rob Norden


@molloch Your order shipped out earlier this week. Please check your email and track the FedEx tracking ID to your location. Be ready to receive the package and take any import action that may be required.

has the container from oakland arrive?

Has there been any attempt to contact Oakland port to get update? @Marc

@mattkutu Please contact us at CONTACT@FARMBOT.IO to get specific order updates.

@Marc we’ve been in contact. Last we talked you mentioned container was at Oakland docks waiting to be dispatched. I was just wondering if it had been unloaded.

Thanks to the Farmbot team, the whole equipment arrived today!