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I received my farmbot express xl and I am having a few problems. I emailed but have not received a response for over 2 weeks. Is that normal? My kit was missing the luer adapter, the camera is not working and I have reflashed the micro SD card three times, triple checked the connection between the two wires, and tested the camera on an old andriod phone after downloading the recommended app. I am hoping farmbot could send me the missing adapter and a new camera.

Aside from those two minor issues, I am also having trouble with the x-axis jamming up. I worked really hard to hold the 3mm tolerance over the 20’ length. I believe my issue is related to the wood frame I built. I am considering purchasing some tracks and 4 v-wheels and then converting the x-axis over to work in a similar way to the y-axis. Just wondering if anyone else has done this previously? I have seen others on the forum add a flat metal strip, so also considering that. Thanks in advance for any help.

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@Nickdimasi Apologies for the delay in support.

Can you use to contact FarmBot support.

We will get you the missing components and resolve your issues.

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Thanks for the quick response Marc. Will do on the other email address.