Nvidia Upgrade for inference

So its been a while, I apologize, winter and really work distractions and I haven’t had the time to play. But Spring is here. The farmbot is out of the garage, I pre-ordered the 1.6 Farmduino upgrade and a serious upgrade for my inference engine and imaging arrived today.
What can a Farmbot do with 30 trillion operations per second?


? Solve and prove the Riemann Hypothesis ( conjecture ) , e.g. ? :smile:

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@jturbett This is very cool! Since you were gone for the winter, you may want to take a look at the new Lua features. You could expose an HTTP API on the third-party device and then call those services directly from the sequence editor.

We look forward to seeing what you build, and welcome back!

This is great, your definitely not standing still. HTTP API, the MQTT change is great too as well as the quick exposure to the celery script via editor, will speed up my development.
The challenge for me now is my Jetson AGX has a totally new camera interface than the Nano or Raspberry pi and getting some IP67 cameras MIPI CSI-2 vs CSI, even though just bought a few HD ones… I have learned that low latent cameras are a big differentiator in speed of recognition and post processing, that said, the cables for these cameras may be some trial and error of bend radius on gantry to attach , for CSI cameras I use an HDMI adapter to CSI ribbon. or the USB for both have good tolerance , the mini coax with FARKA connectors… I know, first world problems :slight_smile:
That said, I hope I can get the time to play and look forward to sharing the journey.


Zeta and Continuation with the Gausians leads to 1M bucks… that combination is the real conjecture(without complete information) ) :laughing:

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