Obstacles and path planing

Hi, the move sequence could check if the trajectory hits objects in the map. For example an rod by tomato or tool bay or even plats… Simple geometric objects could be enough - i.e. set cube for the tool bay. The map could even automatically expect rod by tomato or pea.

Ok, I could make my own Move sequence and add lua code to check predefined (in the code) objects (simple check if the path strike them - mathematically) and modify the path a) by adjusting Z position or b) adding X,Y plane point(s) into the path to avoid hit the objects. But this would be hard to maintain… Some better integration in the map (2D is OK for now) and path planing.

Would be good to prevent make this perfect from beginning. The main purpose is avoid collisions - user friendly way. Now I need to watch the sequence with finger on ESTOP + edit sequence accordingly with inserting extra points in the path. But this does not solve all possible collisions if I for example start seeding on some new location and the tool will go some unexpected way. Safe position is nice but dummy. This does not works for tomato rods or tool bay (or when plants grows more) and require a lot of extra movements and delays.

Maybe in future the map could expect plants as 3D objects (again sphere or cylinder) according to their age to prevent kill them. Some simple solution would be nice as based on default soil height (without need to measure soil heigth - which does not work for MIPI camera for example). It does not be too accurate, just prevent damage the plants or lost the tool.

I hope you will like my idea. Maybe you already have such feature in your mind for years. I think this could be simple to solve. At least the first part.


This is supposed to be non issue with the safe Z. Ideally you’d have no plants that exceed your safe Z height. While annoying to have to proceed to this height every time you want to make a movement, it does on paper solve any collision issues.

True, maybe it is too early to make farmbot 3D aware. I slould solve first HDMI camera full integration - i.e. soil height does not work with HDMI camera.

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