Occipital 3D scanner on tool mount servo driven pan tilt

Loving the Farmbot!
Finished the 3D printing and mounting a new servo controlled pan tilt for the occipital core 3D scanner camera. Programming from a secondary Raspberry PI continues. Some breakthroughs in the inference engine with tensor flow lite. Day job has gotten in the way more than anticipated, who knew that digital online learning would take off this year…


That’s fantastic!

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Great work! :tada:

Would love to see further details and results as they emerge. Thanks for sharing- we’re always excited to see your project come along. I will share this with the team right now.

Looking forward to see more works from you!
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This is so cool!

By the way, what software do you use with Occipital 3D scanner? I’m trying to mount Intel Realsense with Artec Studio 13. Or should I try something like 3DF Zephyr? I don’t really know much about photogrammetry, to be honest.

that’s really cool, please make an instruction an sell this arm :wink: