Odd point in UTM assembly manual

I am now assembling the UTM. But there is something strange in the manual.UTM assemble manual. The manual says to use M5 30mm screw when mounting magnets, but it does not seem to use 30mm screw in the picture of manual. What is right?
And I bought the barb of the purchase list, which looks different from the manual.

UTM picture in manual

The barb you have is good, the ones in the figure are CAD representations.

The M5 screws for attaching the magnets to the UTM should be 16mm. The M5 30mm screws are for attaching the magnets to the tools.

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My apologies for reviving an old thread, but I am looking for confirmation and did not find it anywhere else in the forum.

@Gabriel, I too am at a similar point where the documentation does not appear to align with the 3d printed parts. In the tool assembly area, the instructions indicate to use the M5 16mm to attach the magnets to the tools. Here’s a pic of when I attempt to do that:


And here is a pic in the guide:

Notice how the inside of the tool is hollowed out here and in my picture it’s solid.

And here is the text in the v1.3 instructions: “Secure the three ring magnets to the top of the tool using three M5 x 16mm screws, M5 washers, and M5 locknuts” (from here https://genesis.farm.bot/docs/basic-tool-hardware)

Three things:

  1. I’d like to confirm that I don’t have a set of improperly printed tools.

  2. Using the M5 30mm screws to attach the magnets to the tool heads is the recommended (effectively, reverse the instructions)

  3. Given how the 16mm would not fully cover the distance through the magnets and the tool, will the 10mm screws be sufficient for attaching the tool verification jumper?

Thanks Gabriel!

The tool in your photo is from a v1.2 kit, while the tool in the figure is v1.3. I’d recommend using the v1.2 documentation, which should have all the correct screw lengths for your tools. You can switch documentation versions by using the version selector in the top left of the page.

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Thanks for the help and sorry for the latent reply. For some reason the “Unread” indicator just popped up for this (and other threads). Chrome has been acting squirrely with the FarmBot web interfaces, another post to follow concerning that.