OSv8 disables peripherals on digital pins

@RickCarlino I have some periferals on the Farmduino digital pins that worked in OSv7 but I am unable to turn the digital pins on and off in OSv8.

When I try to turn the pin on in the controls tab I just get a message saying the pin 2 peripheral value is off but the software doesn’t switch the pin to on.

@whitecaps Which minor / tiny version of FBOS v8 are you seeing this issue on? Eg: 8.0.3, 8.0.4 etc…

This may be similar to the problem noted by jsimmonds here.

CC: @connor

It may be. I installed the latest version via the web app 2 days ago. I have uninstalled it now sorry can’t remember the minor version number.

I tried it again this morning I have the problem in 8.0.4.