OSv8 disables peripherals on digital pins

@RickCarlino I have some periferals on the Farmduino digital pins that worked in OSv7 but I am unable to turn the digital pins on and off in OSv8.

When I try to turn the pin on in the controls tab I just get a message saying the pin 2 peripheral value is off but the software doesn’t switch the pin to on.

@whitecaps Which minor / tiny version of FBOS v8 are you seeing this issue on? Eg: 8.0.3, 8.0.4 etc…

This may be similar to the problem noted by jsimmonds here.

CC: @connor

It may be. I installed the latest version via the web app 2 days ago. I have uninstalled it now sorry can’t remember the minor version number.

I tried it again this morning I have the problem in 8.0.4.

@connor do you know if this issue was fixed in the Halloween software release?

@whitecaps, I’m using FBOS 8.2.0 and I can see an issue with Digital Pin 2 in the WebApp UI (Controls tab). The pin appears to be stuck ON but the firmware commands from FBOS to the Farmduino v1.4 appear to be correctly commanding the pin toggle.

In the screen capture below, I am using NEW PERIPHERAL

Maybe one for the Dev. team ( e.g. @RickCarlino ) to help sort out ?

@jsimmonds that is the issue I have too.

which pins exactly don’t work? have you tried using other pins? a large majority of pins on the arduino are reserved for other functions.

Hi @connor, with version 8 I had this happen with the servo pins and D2, D38, D43 on a Farmduino 1.4.

@connor seems to have fixed this issue in the latest Pre-Release ( v8.2.1-rc2 ).

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