Our Farmbot has its own network but connectivity still an issue

Our Farmbot Express v1.0 continues to have connectivity issues. The IT department at our school has even gone so far as to create a new wireless network strictly for our Farmbot. On their end, it is showing that the Farmbot has been connected since we brought it over to its new network yesterday at around 1:15pm. At that time I can confirm it was working as I had it run a watering sequence. Finally got the chance to open up the web app today and it says we are offline however for the network engineer team it is showing that we are up and running. Does anyone have an idea for why there is this discrepancy?

The log on the web app doesn’t show much of anything. There is nothing on there showing when or why we may have lost connection.

@Jjarrell I logged in to your device and it looks like your school still has port 8883 blocked. Port 8883 was recently added as a requirement in FBOS > 13.0.1. The reason I am fairly certain that port 8883 is blocked is that I can see “blinking” in the sync status button and you have a code 26 connectivity error.

Here’s how we can verify that port 8883 is blocked:

  1. Download FBOS v13.0.0 for Express.
  2. Reflash the device. If the device comes online after downgrading, you can forward this document to IT staff to show the newly updated port requirements.

Downgrading the FBOS version is only a temporary solution and it is important that you upgrade as soon as the new port is unblocked (v13.0.0 will eventually hit end of life).

Here is a screenshot of your connectivity panel:


The message broker (shown red/offline) is the component that requires outbound access to TCP port 8883.

It looks like the bot is back online with very good connectivity on v13.1.0. Please let me know if you require further assistance.

Thanks @RickCarlino. I will pass this along to our Network guys when we get back to school on Monday. I will let you know if I have any follow-up questions.
Happy Saturday!

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@Jjarrell It appears that a different account at your organization is having problems connecting still (I can see a spike in errors from one account with the same domain). Did your IT department unblock the port yet?

Good morning @RickCarlino. Its been a busy week at school with a number of off-site network issues that has kept our IT department on their toes but my plan is to address this with them via email this morning. I will provide an update once I hear back from them.
Thanks for checking.

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