Output of spare 24V peripheral port

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I’m a Farmbot novice embarking on a school project, which involves integrating a thermal camera into the Farmbot machine. However, I’ve encountered an issue right from the start. Upon testing with a voltmeter today, I discovered that the spare 24VDC output is only registering 0.2 - 0.5V. I’m uncertain where the problem could lie. Could there be an option within the web app to enable the power output?

Please excuse the simplicity of this question if it seems too basic.

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Hi @Stevezzz, Welcome !

What model and version is the Farmbot device ? (e.g. ‘Genesis v1.6’)
Can you post a photo of the output pin that you’re testing ?

Yes, all Peripheral outputs (24VDC switched) are software controlled.
Manual control is now in a pop-up window which should appear when you are logged into the Web App and browse to Farm designer: Plants (with pop-up) - FarmBot

Thanks @jsimmonds for your reply!

(Picture of the output pin is provided above.)

However, regarding the model version, it’s a bit embarrassing to admit that I am currently unable to log into the machine and access the webapp. After entering the WiFi and web app account details, the machine tends to error out and then restarts the OS. I’ve tried reinstalling the FarmBot OS, but the issue persists. Could you possibly have any idea what the problem might be?

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(A screenshot of the farmbot webapp is provided above.)

Although the machine cannot connect, I can still enter the webapp offline to check the situation. Is it possible to control the output from the interface shown above?

Hi @Stevezzz Until we can get your Farmbot on-line, the Web App cannot control anything :neutral_face:
Thanks for that Web App screenshot . . that’s not the one you want to test out manual peripheral control; it’s the Controls pop-up which I mentioned earlier.

That’s almost certainly an input error to the Configurator screen. Triple-check that you have the correct Wi-Fi SSID and Passphrase for the AP you’re using for the Farmbot (they are case-Sensitive). The Web App password is also case-sensitive.

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