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I am working on a complete integration of the Farmbots in ROS2 Humble (will post about it in detail once it is complete). I am using a custom Farmbot and a custom configuration for my parameters.

As I want anyone to be able to use this, I am thinking of integrating the standard configurations for the farmbots (Genesis & Express versions). I was looking through the codebase and online to see if they are listed somewhere and couldn’t find them. Does anyone know about the location or where to extract them from without me having to manually figure it out for each version?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Note#1: Referring to the arduino parameters
Note#2: The arduino firmware is the same as in the standard farmbots, with the Raspberry Pi running Ubuntu 22.04 Server with ROS2 Humble on top

The firmware has default values for all of the parameters as listed here: farmbot-arduino-firmware/src/Config.h at main · FarmBot/farmbot-arduino-firmware · GitHub

However, most of these will get overwritten on boot by the Raspberry Pi, which downloads the user/FarmBot model specific parameters from the web app API. The defaults for these can be found here: Farmbot-Web-App/frontend/settings/hardware_settings/default_values.ts at main · FarmBot/Farmbot-Web-App · GitHub.

Sounds like a cool project - looking forward to the updates!

Thank you! This helps a lot!

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