Peripheral not turning off?

My students and I run a farmbot express at a school, and for a couple “water all plant” sequences (maybe 2 out of 50 runs) the control peripheral (water) didn’t shut off at one plant (different one I believe each time), but kept moving to each plant labelled to “planted”. Thankfully both times this happened from a manual run and not a scheduled sequence.

Anyone come across this? Is there a failsafe I can add like in my head I’m thinking “IF peripheral runs for ____ seconds, then shut off”. Any ideas would be helpful.

I would be choked and also in trouble if this happened when I wasn’t in the building.


There is, the feature you are looking for is called a “pin guard”. You can read more here: Pin Guard | FarmBot Software Documentation You can set the pin guard to move to the SAFE position of OFF after N seconds of being ON.

I am curious to learn why this happened in the first place though. Did you see any errors in the logs when this happened?

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Thank you for the quick response!

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