Perma-Link for photos or Download photos

Are there provisions for either a “perma-link” for the photo files or the ability to download them in a convenient way (other than trolling logs that is)?

While flipping through the images using NEXT and PREV in the Weed Detector widget, you may right-click an image and select Save image as... (in the Chrome browser).

Eventually we plan to offer ways to export all your data and/or just parts of it. Some examples:

  • All data
  • All sequences
  • A single sequence
  • All photos
  • Photos from a date range
  • Logs from the past day, week, month, etc

Those features are a bit ways off though as the core app functions for using FarmBot are higher priority at the moment.

Pictures should show up in reverse order so they are newest first

@chrisb, the latest deploy shows the images newest first :slight_smile: