PHOTO CONTEST! Post your best FarmBot photo from 2020!

Contest details: Post your best FarmBot photo from 2020!
Everybody will agree that 2020 was a tough year. Many FarmBot owners spent a portion of 2020 productively working on their FarmBot and using precision gardening techniques to grow vegetables. Send us your best FarmBot photo from 2020 and a bit of background information about the photo to enter our contest to win a $100 FarmBot gift card.

Please give the photo a title and send us a few sentences of background information about the photo. Good Luck!

Prize: $100 gift card to The FarmBot Shop! Winner will be announced at the end of the month :trophy:

Terms: By submitting a post here, you consent to FarmBot Inc using the content on our website, in videos, on social media, in advertisements, and in other forms of promotional content.

Example photo for contest:

Title: FarmBot at NASA

Background Information:
This is a photo from our trip to NASA and it features Ralph Fritsche the KSC Project Manager. The FarmBot core team and other open-source food groups were invited to the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida to participate in a 2-day event to brainstorm innovative open-source approaches to food production.


Here’s a photo of the Farmbot as spring started this year. No pets or people - sorry, but I thought I’d get the ball rolling.


Title: Farmbot is Fun!
My Farmbot is not changing the world like your impressive Nasa installation. However, I would think I’m like so many others that you’ve had an impact on…. You’ve made it so much fun to grow vegetables for my family with your amazing technology.


Title: Farmbot in Cleveland, Ohio
Farmbot Genesis 1.5 Installed in a 10 x 20 foot greenhouse. Photo is right before planting. We were picking lettuce and onions on Christmas day when it was 30 degrees F outside and 50 degrees inside.


There is Farmbot MAX on another side.

Farmbot MAX 1,5x18m, near to Nizhny Novgorod, Russia


The FarmBot as San Andreas High School in Highland CA. Compact, Mobile, and student group friendly with the use of removable garden beds. (just now got a V1.5 and upgraded everything to the new hardware but not ready for pictures. :frowning:


The FarmBot at Hanover Middle School is the centerpiece of the student greenhouse. “Agricultural Robotics” is now a key component of the 7th grade curriculum. This is a photo of the students’ first crop!


Im David and Im building a FarmBot, on a tight budget. I ordered all the components separatly and build a lot of the components my self using a 3D printer or laser on school. Im a 16 year old student. In the Netherlands. Building my FarmBot is a project for school. Im almost ready but stil thinking of how Im gone do the X-axis. Im planning to have it up and running before the grow season begins this year. In our own garden in our green house.


@socalrob @STEAM7

After receiving several competitive photos and much deliberation, two contestant photos have been chosen as the winners! SoCal Rob and STEAM7 were selected by a vote from FarmBot staff members.

We want to thank all the participants of the photo contest. Please watch the Forum for the next photo contest that will be coming up soon!

Congratulations to SoCal Rob and STEAM7! To claim your $100 FarmBot gift card prize please contact FarmBot at


Thanks Marc and FarmBot team! It has and continues to be such a rewarding experience to work with your amazing technology. Keep up the great work!!!