Photos size doesn't match calibration 1600x1200 - always takes photos with 1280x720

I recently received a camera replaced under warranty and wanted to install the replacement. (Genesis 1.7 Kit).

The calibration with resolution 1600x1200 worked. The picture in the photos history has a resolution of 1600x1200. See photo below:

Unfortunately I’m facing the issue that all new taken photos do have a resolution of 1280x720, therefore they can’t be shown in the map :frowning:

My settings:

To troubleshoot the issue:

  • Switch the resolution from a value to another and back
  • Rebooted the FB
  • Took a photo via LUA command and explicitly specify the resolution take_photo(1600, 1200)

Anyone having some thoughts about this issue? Could it be 1280x720 is somehow a hardcoded max resolution value for taking new photos?

If so, then I might need to calibrate it with a lower resolution :thinking:

Just to let you know. The calibration with custom 1280 x 720 resolution was successful. I’m happy with the result.

Unfortunately I feel the calibration process is a tricky one, you have to find the exact right spot for the calibration card, to have it visible during all three axis moves.

A bit strange was, after successful calibration, the web app still sticked to the message "The calibration was previously made with 1600 x 1200. Revert… Message.

I think here the sync of the resolution value sometimes does not synced forth and back, automatically. As far as I remembered a full page reload helped to fix it.

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