Pin Map for v1.6 Farmduino UTM Cable

I want to do a simple task and that is to add a relay (TTL 5v-12v control signal) to the V1.6 Farmduino. What pin should I use? Should I use one of the unassigned UTM pins? What would be the best color to use and what would be that wire color’s pin number? If I do go this route will I have to edit the V1.6 Farmduino code through adruino?

Here is a link to the UTM pin mapping table in the documentation.

If you want 5V on/off control, you can use one of the available digital IO pins (D18, D19, D38, D42). For example, if you wanted to put a relay in a custom tool, you could use D42 on pin K of the UTM by attaching a jumper wire between D42 in the IO section of the board and K in the UTM section of the board, and then connect your relay to the corresponding K electrical connection in the tool.

For control, you can create a new peripheral in the controls pop-up in the Web App, and then control it manually or add a CONTROL PERIPHERAL sequence step and select the new peripheral you created.

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