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Hey Guys,

I noticed my Farmbot’s pins not working as they should. My tool verification pin shows 1 in any case, same goes for the soil sensor (1023). As i didn’t build the Farmbot myself, it’s possible there was a mistake wiring up the UTM, but that is something that’s not in my control. What I thought was that pin B is not connected to pin C, because of the rusted connection between pin B and C on the tools (see puicture below). Does this make sence? How should I handle this problem?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @frederik

Indeed, if you own the machine it’s in your control :slight_smile:

FarmBot Inc. has great on-line Documentation for current and previous Farmbot devices.

Which bot model are you trouble-shooting ?

thanks for your reply @jsimmonds , I do not own the farm bot, I just operate it.
It’s a genesis v1.5 and runs FARMBOT OS Version 15.3.2

Hi @frederik
Here’s a link to the Genesis V1.5 bot Universal Tool Mount documentation which includes the Pin Mapping table :slight_smile:
Universal Tool Mount | FarmBot Genesis Documentation

TEST 1: Force the circuit closed by using a conductor between “B” and “C” pogo pins

With a bare wire, can you physically connect the “B” and “C” pogo pins and see if you are able to get the pogo pins to connect and complete the circuit for tool verification in the FarmBot software.

TEST 2: Flip the jumper link to the top of the tool to add additional pogo pin force

For some reason your connector pins are not registering the change in tool verification status, your pogo pins are likely stuck or they are not making contact with the electrical contacts on pogo pins B and C. Pins B and C must create an electrical connection using the jumper link. This means that likely your springs are sticking leaving just a bit of space between the contacts. We need you to manually depress the pins and ensure proper function of the pogo pins. You may also consider flipping the jumper link to the top of the tool or adding just a bit of graphite lubricant onto and around the pogo pins on your UTM.



Although they are currently out of stock, you should have a few jumper links in your FarmBot kit. If you still have the hardware box, they are likely in with the rest of your spare parts.

Thank you Mark, only seeing this today. This will probably solve my issue

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