Please help... Can't seem to import OnShape file from Documents to 3-D printer

So I have downloaded files for parts from OnShape to my computer. Then when I try to import it to my 3-D printer software it does not show up in my files. I can find it in my documents until I try to access to with the printer software. Does anyone have any ideas? I contacted the printer tech line and they claim their software should convert it with no problem. What am I missing? I have uploaded file from openbuilds with no problem. Is this a compatibility issue or am I missing a step?

Did you export the parts as .STL files? This is industry standard 3D printing file format and you need to make sure you choose this file type when exporting parts from Onshape.

Thanks Rory, that is what I’ve been trying to find out. I guessed it was a format issue and I had tried all but two of them when I gave up and came looking here on the forum. Thanks again for putting this together, I am having a great time learning and putting it into action. Looking forward to my first harvest, of 3-d parts. Then on to some veggies.

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