Ports for Internet connectivity


We are connecting Farmbot to a corporate network and must configure the firewall to allow the required communication with the hosted service.

Would anyone please advise what ports need to be opened up to allow this 2 way communication ?

Thank you for your feedback.


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FarmBot needs outbound access to ports 80 (HTTP), 443 (HTTPS), 1883 (MQTT), 8883 (MQTT over SSL). There are no exposed inbound ports.

Please let us know if you hit any issues during setup.



Thank you Rick for your feedback about the ports.

We have another question related to this.
What is the destination name / IP which FarmBot will connect to via these ports ? Is it my.farmbot.io ?
Thank you for your feedback.



It will need to reach the following sites via HTTPS:

  • my.farmbot.io
  • farmbot-production.storage.googleapis.com - Cloud image storage
  • github.com - Where we store software updates
  • UPDATE: rollbar.io - Our bug management vendor (helps us find bugs in real world deployments)

It will also need access to mqtt.farmbot.io for message passing.
UPDATE: We also need access to pool.ntp.org for network time protocol (UDP port 123)
UPDATE: If you do not provide a DNS server, FarmBot will use Google’s DNS servers (


I’ve updated the original post with some additional services, such as NTP and error tracking.

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Hi Rick, Thank you very much !

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@RickCarlino , hello may I ask for your opinion?

The FarmBot is settled down at one location now, using the wifi of the building (all ports80, 443, etc are open of course) and it is moving, watering…
The thing is that we want to change the location of the FarmBot to a different place, which means that when we connect there with the wifi (we should go to the websockets website) we need to check if the ports are open.
But what about the FarmBot? The port that it uses is the same like the MQTT port, right?
So, that means if the mqtt is set down on the laptop, the FarmBot will work, no matter where it will be re-located?

(And to make the wifi connection possible, first we look for the farmbot network, then enter all needed credentials and then, connect to the wifi that will be used) ?

I would be really happy if you can help me to figure it out if I am on the right track!


Relocating the farmbot will only work if you are hosting the server on a public IP address.

Many home WiFi routers prevent internet users from accessing ports within the router. If that is the case, you will not be able to access your server on the public internet, only locally within the same WiFi router. It might work, but my experience with home routers is that it usually does not due to security settings.

A better approach would be to move the server along with the Farmbot and update all of the IP addresses on the new wifi network. It’s very important that you update the IP addresses in the ENV config for the server. It will change every time you move to a new router.

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