Possible hotspot prefrences

I have been working on a FarmBot v1.2 and had trouble getting it to connect to the internet since it would be trying to access a schools Wi-Fi. A past team member got it to connect by using their personal hotspot. I want to purchase a personal hotspot to use specifically with the FarmBot and was wondering if there was a specific type that works best so I don’t waste money on something that still wont let my FarmBot access the internet.

@TxStudent We have had success with the Verizon mobile hotspots. Although I can not recall the specific model number that we used it was something similar to this Orbic:

Use your smartphone or a dedicated hotspot device from a provider like Verizon or AT&T to create a WiFi hotspot in very close proximity to your FarmBot (within 10 feet). Ensure the hotspot device has a working cellular connection by connecting to it with a laptop or other device and loading a few webpages, such as the FarmBot web app. Once you are certain the hotspot is up and functional, configure FarmBot to connect to the hotspot.

Alternatively, you can try connecting via Ethernet.

Connecting FarmBot to the Internet | FarmBot Software Documentation

The most reliable way to connect FarmBot to the internet is with a wired Ethernet connection. This will elminiate any possibility of wireless signal interference, or weak signals causing the connection to be intermittent.


For Genesis kits, simply connect an Ethernet cable between the Raspberry Pi and your router.

pi with ethernet port labeled



@Marc Thank you for the recommendation. I had previously tried using an ethernet cable and still didn’t have any luck getting it to connect to the internet. Ill see if a hotspot from a mobile provider gives me any better luck.

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