Power_off - What does it do and can it be recovered from?

I have programmed my FB with 4 home positions.

  1. Top right - The normal HOME position used for calibrating
  2. Top left - The ‘park’ position after a reboot. (So I know a reboot took place)
  3. Middle right - Used to ‘park’ after a successful ‘FB event’ execution
  4. Middle left - Used to ‘park’ after an error has been detected (I have written checking into my sequences and code to detect errors).

When an error is detected, it parks in position 4 and executes an E-STOP command, basically to get my attention and to prevent log files from being lost. I get an email to let me know something has gone wrong.

The system works well and recovering operations is an UNLOCK and we are back in business.

Searching through the documentation I found this command


The documentation notes Instructs FarmBot to shutdown completely but what does that mean in real terms as I cannot see how that would work and is there any kind of recovery process besides a physical power cycle?

It means that Linux on the Raspberry Pi does an OS power-off. If you have a Genesis model device, look at the Raspberry Pi module lights . . you should see the Green LED flash about 5 times at the end as it stops effective execution.

After this, the only way up is to initiate a Raspberry Pi Re-Boot.