Power on the tracks- no cable carrier

Hello all i’m planning a aquaponics greenhouse this year of 30 meter by 8 meter
Planning to implament 2 farmbots of each 25 meter long.
But i was wondering about a cable carrier of 25 meter long. does it exist? How expensive shall it be? Will there be problems with such lenght of cable carrier.

So i was thinking about a different solution by providing a 5 volt on the tracks where the gantry can pick it up by a slide contact. And with some dc dc converters and supercaps for the power needed and the buffer of electricity for the work.

And sending the information not through cable but with wifi or bluetooth to opeerate the farmboot, with less cables and less cable carrier.

Any ideas if this i a handy thing to do?

Here is short movie of the setup and ideas plannend Eigen tuin in huis" Schalkhaar"


It is a beautiful and big project, but it would be easier to hang the tracks to the ceiling?
Especially for exploitation, I don’t like when the ground is not free.

For the power supply at the top, wouldn’t it be better with moisture.
What product tonnage hoped fish and plants.


Wow - love to see that when it is built… I don’t see a problem with power in tracks - and you could up to much more than 5V, but what will you do about water and vacuum lines ?

He don’t needs a water tube (it’s aquaponics). Plants swimming on a raft in the water. And he does not need vacuum. Seeding is in another environment.

Spoke with some people and they say 5 volt over a great distance generates a lot of resistance, for example a usb cable of 3 meters is already the max.
So the advice they gave me just put a 220 v line on the cable carrier. Concert all the power on the gantry.
Place the cable carrier in the middle of the track so it has to move only 12,5 meters to the left and 12,5 meters to the right.

And for safety there is no open powerline/track

Placing the farmbot on the ceiling is a complete new design to been drawn with more materials :frowning: