Power rating for HOLD setting for motors

At the moment, the power ratings have one setting.

In short, I am asking for two settings for Motor Current %.
1 - Hold power - The rating to ‘hold’ an axis in place.
2 - Move power - The rating that allows successful movement.
FB then should switch the rating when a move is happening and drop the power to ‘hold’ rating when no movement is required.

I have a dropping Z axis so I have to keep the motors powered to allow for normal operations

If I leave the motor at 100%, it overheats and I get Z axis stalls when I attempt to move.
If I leave ‘Always power motors’ off, the Z-axis drops when not ‘moving’ such as watering plants.

I am currently using LUA code to toggle ‘Always power motors’ on and off at the beginning of a sequence.

The Z-axis motor only needs 10% power to hold the Z-axis in place. This rating should stop the motor from over heating. (In fact a rating of 0 is enough to stop Z-axis drop).

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