Power Supply Box

I didn’t see any documentation about where to install the power supply, but from one of the drawings it looks like it is mounted to the side of the raised bed. Is this correct? I also didn’t see this on the Bill of Materials, so do you have a recommendation for this item?

Sorry if I missed this in the documentation.

I think you mean #5 on the 3d mock up.


Scroll down a little and hit the play button on the black and grey section showing farmbot, then its number 5 on there.

Number 5 on the 3D model on the homepage is the electronics box (where the Raspberry and Arduino are). The power supply is not shown in that model though and not mounted in the same area. We were using a box mounted on the side of the of the raised bed, but now we’re looking at using one of these because it is easier to work with and less expensive than what we were using before:

Yes number 5 is where I knew the computer and RAMPS would go, just wasn’t sure how you handled the power supply. I saw this picture and it looks like the power supply is on the raised bed. https://files.readme.io/suU0HWGvTvygWCVDPTmm_Genesis%20V0.9.PNG

Thank you for the link. I will get one of those ordered.