Pricing for kits?

Is there pricing listed any place for pre ordering Kit? I’ve been looking around. Haven’t seen anything.

Not yet! We haven’t quite finalized the cost because the hardware keeps changing :stuck_out_tongue:

But, to give you a rough idea, the kits will be priced similarly to a high-end 3D printer. You can see a cost breakdown of all components here, and then assume that there will be some amount of markup to pay for our team’s time and business overhead.

What size bed area does the list of materials cover?

Also I know things are still a work in progress but how does this work with very small seeds and different shaped seeds. Tomato seeds or lettuce seeds and some that are even smaller?

Great questions! The current design/cost breakdown accommodates beds that are up to 1.5m wide and 3m in length. However, we’ll be offering extension add-ons that can increase the length up to 6m. And eventually we’ll just offer larger FarmBot kits (longer, taller, wider)

As for the seed size, we’re still optimizing that. In our testing we were able to pick up seeds as large as Swiss Chard and Spinach, and as small as lettuce and radish. We didn’t try anything larger like squash or corn. Some of the smaller seeds got sucked up and went into the vacuum pump though - so we’re working on a filtering material for the seed injector’s tip to prevent that. We’re also switching from a vacuum pump to an actual vacuum (like for cleaning) which means that the vacuum will not get damaged if it accidentally sucks up seeds or dirt - because that is what its designed for!

For seed shape - that doesn’t seem to make a big difference.

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The pre-order list is up. I was very interested in this but the price is very steep for me. Is there a more economic way of building these farm bots while still utilizing your services?

Yes and no. If you source everything yourself you’ll still end up paying about $2,500 after shipping and taxes. But if you have access to a good 3D printer then you can save yourself about $500, getting the price to close to $2000. If you decide to build your own device, you are more than welcome to participate here in the forum, use our docs, and use the software for free. Of course we may not be able to help if you run into problems with your components not working, etc, unless you bought a kit.

Also, the price for the kits will come down over time as we expand our production and reach economies of scale. Expect lower prices within a year.

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