Problem with `Control Peripheral` block?

Hi @RickCarlino :slight_smile:

If I felt that I could fix this one sooner than you would, I’d create a GitHub Pull Request instead :wink:

Seems the current Web App API ( or FBJS ? ) allows ill-formed Control Peripheral blocks to be created.

Created one Sequence with this single block :

  "kind": "write_pin",
  "args": {
    "pin_value": 0,
    "pin_mode": 0,
    "pin_number": {
      "kind": "named_pin",
      "args": {
        "pin_type": "Peripheral",
        "pin_id": 5433

by using the Web App UI Sequence editor Add.

Test RUN results :slight_smile:

@jsimmonds Did you create this step using the Web App editor, or did you write it by hand?

Doing more investigation . . seems no-one else has this issue ?
[ I’m on 11.1.0-rc0 ; could this commit be involved :slight_smile: ]
| another edit |
My apologies. I should post under a different topic for Pre-Release issues !
Matchable conclude/3 is missing in the code.

| final edit :slight_smile: |

I fixed it like this, but I suspect you’ll have a better solution

@jsimmonds Looks like this one did not make it in to production. As always, I appreciate your help in testing FBOS releases.

@jsimmonds This has been fixed in 84bdddf.

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Thanks @RickCarlino !

You’ve prodded me to learn Elixir quote and unquote :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

[ I’m happily testing now on 11.1.0-rc3 and titrating that upper limit of Farm Event items . . looking sweet on the RPi0 W ( thus far ) at 500 items :thinking: . . but other scenarios to run yet . . ]

So is that across all events, or did your tests only create one large event?

That was 500 Farm Events each with one simple Sequence.
I’ll be testing other scenarios with different proportions of Events to Sequence/Regimen Items today.
I want to find that scenario that “blows” up FarmbotCeleryScript.Scheduler's heap ( due to size of state ) and see whether that still accommodates your proposed limit.

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