Problem with ""

When trying to log into web-app, only a grey screen is shown. Something down on the server side?

UPDATE: Hmm, after flashing the SD card with firmware 5.0.6 everything seems to work again. Strange, because I already updated (yesterday) the firmware from the web app.

Got the same issue today, maybe @RickCarlino could take a look at this:

Device, Regimens and Farmware pages are not affected, they seem to load without errors.
When I go to Controls, Farmdesigner or sequences the page does not load with the errors in the console.

Everything works fine on WindowsEdge browser. So this might be related to Chrome.

Thanks for the detailed screenshot @Ascend

We’re experiencing some unexpected cache behavior after yesterday’s deployment. We are actively investigating the issue. Some users have found a temporary workaround by either manually clearing the browser cache or by logging in to the app via an incognito tab. As you have mentioned, it is also possible to fix the issue by logging in with a different browser. The issue also will clear out over time as the browser cache is refreshed.

More details to follow. Thanks again for the bug report.

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Until yesterday I was able to login to only with Firefox, today no more access and this message :

Something went wrong!
We hit an internal error while rendering this page.
We have been notified of the issue and will investigate a solution shortly.

In the mean time, you can try the following:

  • Refresh the page and log in again.
  • Send the error information (below) to our developer team via the FarmBot software forum. Including additional information (such as steps leading up to the error) help us identify solutions more quickly.

{“message”:“e[t] is undefined”,“stack”:“n@\n”}