Project Shield - protection against COVID-19 for front line staff

Not related to Farmbot but given a lot of you have 3D printers and lazer cutters I thought I would share what we have set up in New Zealand over the weekend. If you did the same it may be able to help your communities.

Overseas the supply of face shields for medical staff fighting COVID-19 is running out, especially in Europe. This has contributed to many nurses and doctors contracting COVID-19 from patients.

One of the best things we can do, to keep all of us save is help keep our front line health professionals safe.

Project Shield New Zealand aims to provide a robust, safe and readily available solution to this problem. We are a charity collective of 3D printer and laser cutter owners, universities and businesses who can quickly and easily make protective face shields based on a proven design.

Within a two-week time frame we can be dispatching 200 units per week and we can step this volume up if required. Our raw costs for materials and shipping is $5 per face shield. Our members give their time, etc for free.

We have established a production and distribution strategy. Face Shield kits will sterilised, dated and tracked before being sent to the front line.

We have the capacity and capability to produce other items that lend themselves to production by 3D printing, such as emergency replacement parts for medical equipment.

We have a Facebook group but it’s only for New Zealanders. Here is the design of the face shield if you are interested