Putting new mainboard into Farmbot

I was kindly supplied with a new mainboard for the Farmbot, after I developed an issue with my old board. My Farmbot is a Genesis 1.5.
There was a bit of a delay installing the new board and when I finally came to do it today, I’m having a bit of trouble getting things to work.
The webapp says that Farmbot is booted at the top of the screen, but I cant get any of the axis to move, and the dialogue boxes in areas like the encoders settings and the enable / disable encoders and all the settings under the Axis heading are greyed out.

I have probably taken the wrong path with my board change, but some pointers would be great.


Some additional information from the logs:


Error|UART timeout: <<27, 18, 119, 153, 147, 12, 65, 180, 116, 38, 0, 130, 163, 180, 52, 48, 0, 128, 150, 32, 82, 133, 10, 208, 27, 180, 2, 4, 102, 13, 0, 179, 0, 4, 2, 89, 69, 104, 163, 52, 160, 2, 129, 0, 128, 22, 32, 2, 210, 10>>|Unknown|Jul 1, 2:05pm|

Success|Success: Firmware flashed. MD5: 45B940B85AA|Unknown|Jul 1, 2:05pm|

Info|Detecting available UARTs: [“ttyACM0”, “ttyAMA0”]|

Hi @dmbgo

Just for clarity :slight_smile: . . you’ve replaced your factory Genesis 1.5 bot’s Farmduino PCB with a Farmduino v1.6 PCB ?

If it’s not a case of wrong firmware I can probably help.
Did you use the Web App to change your firmware type ?

No I made no change to the firmware, so the firmware may be still 1.5.
Just to refresh, this is the board that Rory Anson kindly sent me to replace a faulty V1.5 board.
It sounds like I need to tell the web app that I have a V1.6 Farmbot now?

Well, I told it that I have a V1.6 Farmbot now and upgraded the firmware to V1.6 as well. The Axis now seem to move. Are there any other changes from V1.5 that I need to be aware of (tomorrow)?

@dmbgo Did you visually compare the replacement Farmduino with your original ?
Did Rory tell you which Farmduino PCB model he sent to you ?

From the online Genesis Documentation for parts, there are some small differences between the v1.5 and v1.6 Farmduino PCBs and from a firmware perspective, you need to flash the firmware type that applies to the Farmduino installed.

Don’t know . . you could search this forum for relevant posts. I don’t have any experience with v1.6 bots.

Thanks for the reply John,

I don’t recall discussions about the model of main board, I was just glad to have my problem with the Y-axis movement solved. I think you might have offered a loan of a board while I waited for the new one - but it all seems a long time ago.

I do remember expecting it to take a while, since the new board wasn’t yet available, so I must have known this was an updated version.

To complicate things further, the impetus to install the main board was low, since we were coming into winter. I actually removed the original board months ago, and had forgotten which connectors were attached to what as well, so today I will test functionality to see what else I may have missed.

Obvously the firmware version was the first big omission


David Maher

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