QR Code Push stakes, for setting zero and other uses

If they go with QR Code for tool identification;

I was thinking that there could be push stakes for calibrating zero when for any reason you have to manual move, reinstall, move to new railing plot (as per some post about size) or anything else.

Just a way for farmbot to calibrate a location or set of locations as known points. I think this would a lot of versatility for mods.

Having the points with editable commands would work wonders for versatility.

Dont want to risk one particular area being messed with…
Want a particular area to be watered more then the recommended amount…(for whatever reason)
Have a section of the plot where you grow plants that require supports… (beans)
… Stake it! For whatever reason you deem necessary.

For example; say you know that farm bot cant help too much with bean poled areas. You could define the boarders of a row with for stakes creating a box. Farmbot then would go around this box and water at set (staked points) so they still would be watered and it would also kill any weeds around the box (so about 50% efficient about killing weeds) so basically it would allow something that as far as I know would not be possible before to be 80% possible now.

That’s an interesting idea! At this point we’re imagining a lot of that would be done from the web app. For example: you draw a rectangular zone on the farm designer which instructs FarmBot to do (or don’t do) something inside of. Or you drop points which are places to avoid, etc.

Allowing someone to use physical markers/stakes in their garden would be a pretty interesting way of “programming” FarmBot with hardware.

I’m just gonna use micro switches for X and Y the and IR for Z.

But your Idea would mean a lot less wires and less to waterproof.

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