Quality of supplied borescope cam

Just saw it in the reviews:


Hier wird KEINE CrazyFire Cam verkauft. Allem Anschein nach wurde hier eine ehemals gute CrazyFire verkauft und diese dann durch eine “gunstigere” ersetzt. Wie schon in anderen Bildern von Käufern zu sehen erhalt man keine CrazyFire sondern eine “one2” Cam. Diese wird in einer schlichten Papp-Box geliefert und hat keinerlei “CrazyFire” Beschriftung.
Ging sofort zurück! Diese kam solltet ihr nicht kaufen!


There is NO CrazyFire Cam being sold here. It seems that a good CrazyFire was sold here and then replaced by a “cheaper” one. As can be seen in other pictures of buyers, you do not get a CrazyFire but a “one2” cam. This comes in a plain cardboard box and has no “CrazyFire” labelling. Returned immediately! You should not buy this one!


Any other suggestion for a cam replacement? I’ll try the raspi cam with a water tight housing next, I‘d say… :pensive:

Hey I also have a low quality camera… I bought a pi camera ,hdmi kabel and a pi to hdmi converter and mold everything in epoxy. Now I have verry high quality pictures!

I can send you de STL files from the mold (printed in pva)


This looks great! :+1:t2:
Can you make a close up of the camera lens? This is the most tricky part I guess because the lens itself is not protected against moisture… how did you finally mount this thing on the farmbot? Did you try with PETG housings or such before? This would be my current idea to tackle this problem but I think I won’t be able to fully seal the camera and the HDMI Adapter…