Raspberry Pi Cam

Salutti a tutti,

I have now a Raspberry Pi cam V2 in use because of my odyssee with a borescope cam. The original farmbot cam went wet after some years of usage and I searched for an alternative. The alternative I found was the crazy fire cam from amazon around 50 EUR at that time. It looked very well from the production quality point of view. The always problematic cable to cam body interface was well done and the cam body was made out of aluminum I guess, looked quite well.

After one year when taking the bot out of winter mode, I realized that the camera was not recognized anymore. I tried several things but at the end I found a not to be localised crack or cabling problem. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not.

After having reviewed everything that was available as consumer electrics in germany (conrad, reichelt, elv, amazon…) I found the only way to be to design something myself and use a Raspberry cam. Having fought with it for a while and found it not to be working in some cases and then magically working again I pinned it to the non-hot plug capability. Since then, I always power down the bot when connecting the cam via ribbon cable and it seems to work quite stable.

I design a housing around the cam (PETG), using TPU 3D printing filament as sealant and some elastomeric 2mm thick thing as upper sealant, it is installed on the farmbot since today. Lets see how durable this will be, I still have my doubts. If you have any more questions (re CAD files), let me know :wink:

some pics show the test version of the case with only the holes for the outer part, so don’t get confused…


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