Question on Customize Farmbot OS

Hi! My team is going to insert some script into the farmbot OS to control a new tool connected to the Raspberry Pi through Ethernet. We installed Nerves and all requirements on the Ubuntu server and redirected the github path and rpi targets to our own repository (since we have no update access to the source code repo).
The dependencies we use are elixir 1.13.2-otp-24 ,erlang 24.2, and nerves 1.21.1
However, when we run the it fails when running script:

and reports that host Erlang version 24 does not match target version 25.
So, I switched to Erlang version 25.1.2 as documented in the change log for rpi4, and it fails when running the same command, and the report looks like this:

Could anyone give us some advice? What might be the cause of such error?

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