Quieter Farmbot / Replacing A4988 Stepper Drivers with TMC2208

— CORRECTION: I made a mistake and this can’t apply to 1.5 —

My neighbours are not happy with the noise of my Genesis XL 1.5. Going through the forum, I saw that the best option is to replace the A4988 stepper drivers with TMC2208.

I have ordered four Bigtreetech TMC2208 V3.0 UART and done my homework sifting through the various postings (thanks @Klimbim, @Ascend, @Gabriel, @eide and all the others who have contributed) but before I break anything, would a good soul with more experience please validate my understanding of what needs to be done?

  • Replace the A4988 the TMC2208 – Watch out for the correct orientation
  • Set the jumpers to MS1 = HIGH / MS2 = LOW / MS3 = LOW (i.e. 1/2 microsteps)
  • In the Web App, change
    • Steps per mm x 2 = 10
    • Microsteps per steps = 2
    • Invert motors X = Yes / Y = Yes / Z = Yes
    • Invert 2n motor = Yes
    • Encoder scaling = (10,000 x 200 x 2) / 360 = 11,111
    • Anything else?

Finally, I saw some references to changing the voltage but I am not sure how to do that and the implications?

Many thanks!

I have a Genesis XL 1.5. It has Trinamic TMC2130 drivers, not A4988. They are soldered onboard, not removable. The specs say it comes with Trinamic drivers:

Maybe you have an older model (?).

Thanks @jebba. You are absolutely right. Going through the forum, trying to find a solution for a quieter Z axis, I came across several people talking about replacing the stepper drivers but I hadn’t realised that this didn’t apply to the latest version. Doh! Thanks again!

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If you really want to make Z quiet, put it on a belt system instead of a lead screw. :slight_smile: That’s a lot more work though…

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I have a v1.2 Genesis. I don’t have a problem with the z axis noise. I did spend a great deal of time on assembly of the z-axis to minimize the drag of the wiring/water in the link belt. I also use a dry teflon coating lubricant on the lead screw. And double triple check the alignment of the whole mechanism.

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Thanks @John_D. I did all that but it is still quite noisy. I’ll take another look. BTW - Which lubricant did you use?

3 in 1 All Temp Silicone. It leaves a dry film.

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Many thanks, @John_D. I’ll try to find an equivalent in Switzerland.