RackRail FarmBot

I would like to announce my new project for creating a FarmBot with a robot arm on a rack rail.

Please check it out! And please see that you can sponsor an update video there!

Why a rack rail, you might ask, and what is it?

To imagine what it would look like, think of a miniature roller coaster where the roller coaster cart can move to exact positions with millimeter precision. The thing that let’s it move with precision is a cog wheel and a toothed rack. On the roller coaster cart, there is a robotic arm, and I’m planning to use the Moveo arm for this.

If you have an existing garden, you can easily put a few poles in the ground and let this little roller coaster slither along to visit all your plants. If you prefer to grow your plants in rows, you can build the rail go along or between the rows.

But please check the link, there is more information there!

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