Rails aborted and rake aborted logs when trying to install server locally on ubuntu 18.04

Hi there!
I am a student and I have been given the task to install the Farm Bot Web app/ Server locally .
I am using Farmbot-Web-App/ubuntu_example.sh at staging · FarmBot/Farmbot-Web-App · GitHub
to install everything and at the last when creating db I am getting this error logs

Also, I am not familiar with ruby on rails so I tried my best to debug . Please tell me what the problem is. How I should solve it?

Hi @inam and Welcome :slight_smile:

Hope you have a solution by now !?

There was some password required in the deployment procedure somewhere that has failed to meet/exceed a strength requirement.

Hi @jsimmonds
Not yet i am trying to solve.

Can you explain when to give password while installing webserver as during whole process i was not prompted for password.

Thanks for reply and elaborate little please .

@inam my reply was just a naive response to your screen shot.
I have never attempted self-hosting the Web App package.
Maybe contact the author of this thread for more advice ?

Did you set SECRET_KEY_BASE and DEVISE_SECRET in your .env?

No i did whole installation process as default

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